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Historical Association
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Cincinnati, OH 45250

Interested in streetcars? Trolley buses? Transit history in general? Or is your interest more in present day transit activities?

Whatever your specific areas of enthusiasm, you'll find membership in the Cincinnati Transit Historical Association to be rewarding and enjoyable. The CTHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving transit information, photographs, ephemera and memorabilia relating primarily to the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana region. All of our current and archival information is available to members and to the public.

CTHA offers monthly programs, normally consisting of slides and movies about present and past transit systems. It sponsors periodic fan trips to transit properties. It publishes a monthly newsletter and has speakers available to present our popular slide show "A Nostalgic Trip Through Transit History" to various groups throughout the community.

We have restored several historic buses which regularly are featured in car shows, parades and other public and transit-industry functions.

Being a non-profit organization all donations are tax deductible. Income from annual memberships and contributions is used not only to help restore and maintain our bus fleet but also to purchase items for resale to finance the work of our extensive library and various public exhibits. Your support will be appreciated and utilized prudently.

In addition to their financial support, many members volunteer their time, talent and personal resources for our ongoing projects and community presentations.